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Evaluation Services

How Can Testing Help?

Individuals and institutions benefit when an evaluation helps them achieve their goals. In our experience, psychological evaluations have the potential to help in two fundamental ways:

Psychological assessments lead to a more complete understanding. An experienced evaluator can uncover unique aspects of an individual such as varying motivations, personality dynamics, and learning styles. Testing is used as just one tool in the overall assessment process. Scores are accurately interpreted and made meaningful only within the context of a person’s history, current circumstances, and a firm knowledge of personality and testing theory.

Psychological assessments can help guide important decisions. Psychological evaluators use scientifically solid, objective and reliable information to help guide those who are in the position to make important decisions. By efficiently identifying a person’s unique style, decisions can be made with more confidence.

Taking a Collaborative Approach

We believe that by clearly and regularly communicating with collaborative professionals, we can more readily achieve our goals.


All Beacon evaluators are licensed, doctoral-level or school psychologists who have specialized training and expertise in psychological assessment and testing. Each evaluator adheres to the Professional Standards set forth by the American Psychological Association and the National Association of School Psychologists. We communicate our findings in a clear, concise, and straightforward manner without the use of obscure language or jargon.

Evaluations Offered

Beacon evaluators tailor their approach to the varying needs of the individual, professional, and institution. Some of the more common evaluations we do include: