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Parents Equally Allied to Co-Parent Effectively (P.E.A.C.E.)

A specialized program for parents in high conflict separations and divorces


Parents make a commitment to jointly raise and care for children. This decision means offering children love and support, guidance and needed wisdom, discipline and rewards, and overall, an opportunity to thrive and be nurtured.

Unfortunately, separation and divorce are processes that lead to incredible stress, conflict and hostility. Parenting, often thought to be one of the most complex demands of adulthood, is further complicated by divorce. The conflict of divorce distracts parents. They easily become embroiled in the anger and resentment and spend tremendous energy fighting over both trivial and important matters.

Children are the innocent victims of separation and divorce. Parental conflict is known to be a major risk factor for poor childhood adjustment. Yet, as much as parents say they want what is best for their children, they have difficulty working together for the sake of their children.

The PEACE program is designed to help give parents the skills to work together, increase their focus on their children and decrease conflict. Our mission is to help Parents become Equally Allied to Co-Parent Effectively.

Program Rationale

The PEACE Program’s primary focus is to teach high-conflict divorced parents the skills they need to reduce conflict and increase successful communication and problem-solving. In this way they can more effectively address the needs of their children. This program is based on the assumption that the parents (not the professionals and the system) are ultimately responsible for and in a position to make the decisions for their children. Some parents need our help to learn the necessary skills in this regard. Additionally, while the system often focuses on the positive and negative differences of the logistical arrangements of the parenting plan, we believe that the interaction patterns between parents are often significantly more damaging to children than the specifics of the parenting plan. Even the best parenting plans are difficult to implement when parental communications are fraught with conflict.

Program Features And Benefits


We do not accept a retainer in the PEACE program. Payment is made at the time of each visit and is often split equally between the parents.

Additional Features

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