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Maureen C. Gould, MA

The focus of Ms. Gould’s practice is to help parents take a more respectful and cost effective approach to restructuring their family after separation and divorce.  She works in both the Avon and Bloomfield offices and has openings for early evening appointments as well.  Ms Gould is a member of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals, Academy of Professional Family Mediators and CT Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce. If you have any questions for Ms. Gould or the services she can provide, she may be contacted at:

PEACE program – Ms. Gould is a strong supporter of the PEACE program’s philosophy the outcome is more positive for children after separation or divorce when high conflict parents learn to change their interactions and effectively co-parent. In this program Ms. Gould helps facilitate more appropriate ways for parents to communicate, focus on what is best for their children, jointly make decisions and ultimately build a healthier co-parenting relationship.  Since all families are unique, parents are encouraged to set goals they wish to accomplish.  Ms. Gould will meet with parties and counsel when necessary to help fine tune and finalize any agreements.

Divorce Counseling – Ms. Gould will work with parties who may be considering separation or divorce to prepare them for the emotional and financial challenges they face, consider the options available to them and better understand the legal system.

Parenting Co-ordinator – In this role, Ms. Gould works with parents individually and together to address and/or monitor specific issues such as substance abuse, mental health or medical issues, etc. that are having a negative impact on the children or the parenting arrangement.  When appropriate, Ms. Gould will communicate with medical, mental health or academic professionals and the children’s attorney to assess the family’s progress.

Mediation – In the confidential mediation process, Ms. Gould meets jointly with parents, as well as their attorneys when appropriate, to assist in identifying the parties’ issues and goals, consider options that may be available and negotiate resolutions. Issues can include: creating or modifying a parenting plan, resolving child related issues, assessing financial issues.  Mediation is helpful when parties want to explore more appropriate solutions or need assistance to break an impasse.

Collaborative Divorce Coach – Parties who wish to avoid the cost and uncertainties of litigation often choose the non-adversarial Collaborative Divorce process to resolve their differences and achieve a fair and equitable settlement. Trained as a collaborative divorce “coach,” Ms. Gould does not function as a therapist but as the neutral mental health professional of the team. She focuses on the challenges and obstacles related to divorce and restructuring of the family, helps both parties sift through emotional issues, facilitates communication and provides insight and direction when problems arise.